Date Sun. Jan. 21, 2018 7:00am
Temperature 0 C
Anticipated High 5 C
Surface Condition: Machine Groomed Granular
Base Depth: 10cm
Weather / Forcast Cloudy / Mix of sun and cloud
Natural Snow in Past 24hrs 0cm
Track Set 12 kms open
Skating: 12 kms open
Snowshoe Trails: Open
Toboggan Park: Closed

Recommended Waxes

Grip Universal Klister Yellow Klister Mutligrade Klister
Glide Purple Red Purple

Well that sun was nice yesterday but it was a hard day on the network. The Hawberry and Back Red are now added to the list of closed trails. If the 20mls of rain predicted tomorrow happens it might be the last day of skiing for a while so get out and enjoy todays sun shine. It will be better for skating today. It will be fast and firm in the morning. Something more experinced skiers might enjoy, and sofen up by the afternoon with warmer temps and sun. Klister skiing for you classic skiers.

You will find some icy areas and there are some spots on the lower part of the network that are thin and dirty snow. We wll be shovelling this morning to try and patch things up. 

Today we have a biathlon cadet race. The trails are still open, but it will affect about 2km of the trails. You will need to take the Green to get up to S-Climb, and they will be using Millennium Loop. 

The Quarry and Woolner Loop, Hawberry and Back Red are closed. A track was set but you may find it thin in some areas.

The Yellow has the best snow.

Coming back to the chalet we will have to use the big hill (we call the teaching hill) that comes straight down. 

Downhills will get icy throughout the day as people snowplow them.



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Front Door

Highlands Nordic webcam looking out from Front Door of Chalet

Overlooking The Teaching Hill

Highlands Nordic webcam Overlooking The Teaching Hill